Aromatica history

Our history

aromatica la storia

It all started in the lands of Abruzzo in 1937…

The Sidoni family started trading the Saffron they produced from their lands in the town of Prata d’Ansidonia.. After that, they established the first company producing and trading Saffron from L’Aquila, called S.A.Z.A (Società Agricola Zafferano Aquila). Zaffy is the brand we have created to expand the culture of our Saffron and which still mirrors all our values: authenticity quality, tradition and taste.

Our family tradition, both authentic and Italian, together with our expertise in the word of saffron, creates a magical union. Aromatica creates unique products through high-quality ingredients, reinventing the classic dishes of Italian gastronomy for the modern times. Gourmet specialities such as our Artichokes, Grilled Peppers and Dried Tomatoes are ready to use in their convenient satchets. As they are light and require just a drizzle of oil, they are perfect for your healthy and tasty happy hours. Our pink and green pepper jars, with their innovative brine-based preservation system, complete the range of our products.

Famiglia Sidoni