Condiments Aromatica

Una It is always good to never underestimate condiments when cuisine is concerned. Sometimes, one is more focused on the main ingredients and cooking times. However, any excellent dish significantly depends on the specific touch which makes it unique. Therefore, we have created a line of condiments, for all cuisine enthusiasts who love to take care of their dishes in every detail, as well as for everybody who is curious and loves to follow the latest culinary trends.

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    • As they are good, tasty and a staple of everyday cuisine, omelets are a true passion for everybody.
    • Therefore, we have created two irrresistibly tasty condiments, that can quickly turn an all-purpose dinner dish into a perfect gourmet delicacy, perfect for brunches as well.
      • For our “Onions, Leeks and Saffron” or “Courgettes, Potatoes and Tumeric” condiments, which we prepare with strictly natural and controlled ingredients, you just have to add eggs.

    Your omelets will be ready in a few minutes! Our condiments are a delicacy you can use for your happy hour dinners, to enrich your salads or for your office meals.

    European Vegetarian Union Vegan

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    • There are good dishes and some of them become unique with a specific touch.
    • This is why we have created our BBQ culinary aids, in their “Piccantino” (Mildly hot) and “Aromatico” (Aromatic) versions, especially for the most ambitious cuisine and BBQ “maestros”.
    • We use only Italian low-sodium salt and herbs, masterfully mixed to enhance the taste of meat, fish and sauces, as per the best Italian traditions.

    Our culinary aids can be used before cooking, when adding salt to your dishes, or be brushed on the food directly, with a bit of oil.

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    Pepper is one of the most widely known spices. It is used in almost all cuisines over the world to complete the taste of many recipes. We have devoted two kinds of condiments in brine, with different features, to pepper lovers:

    • Green pepper, with its spicy and aromatic grains, is excellent to decisively flavour meat and fish, as well as pasta (such as the cacio e pepe and carbonara spaghetti) and risottos.

      It is perfect to enhance the taste of sweet vegetables, such as carrots and peas, or of cheeses.

    • Pink pepper, with its sweeter taste, reminiscing of strawberry and lemon aromas, is ideal to flavour your dishes more delicately.

      It is excellent on risottos and in sauces, as well as on fish, salmon in particular, and in salads.
      We suggest you to use it in fruit salads and desserts as well.