The most complete saffron line currently available on the market


Aromatica works with a variety of partners all around the world, especially in Europe, implementing a controlled production project together with them. Such choices ensure a unique, high-quality product, which arises from an exclusive, cutting-edge manufacturing process, which respects traditions as well. In order to achieve such results, Aromatica has started cooperating with the University of Milan through an excusive research agreement, in order to implement a specific manufacturing and toasting procedure, able to keep all the nutritive properties and organoleptic features of saffron intact. Aromatica is the only company that uses such a method and processes saffron from its flower: the main ingredient (i.e., dried saffron filaments, expertly removed from the flowers by our farmers) gets to Italy, undergoes strict controls, receives the University’s approval and is then processed by lots at our facility in Carugate. 

“Four generations of passion for such a fabulous flower” It all started like that, with our love for our land and our Abruzzese saffron and our wish to share it with everybody. Our saffron is indisputably excellent, because of its scent and colour. We obtain our Zaffy saffron by processing the pistils of the characteristic purple “Crocus Sativus” flower. We process them only in Italy, within our dedicated laboratories, through controlled and certified procedures. You can also use our Biological Zaffy saffron to cook the best traditional dishes, or to unleash your fantasy with the most innovative gourmet ideas, giving each of them a unique touch. .